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Caring For Your Pet After Surgery: What to Expect & How to Help 

Caring For Your Pet After Surgery

Surgery is finally over! I am sure you’re keen to get your pet back on its four legs.  Generally, post-surgery care involves lots of rest in a cosy environment, pain management using vet-prescribed meds, and a good diet. You’ll also need to monitor your pet after surgery to ensure they are recovering properly and speak […]

8 Symptoms of Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Dogs

8 Symptoms of Cruciate Ligament

Seeing a dog limp isn’t unusual as energetic dogs can often overdo it while they are playing. However, limping can also indicate a much more serious condition, cruciate ligament injuries, so how can you tell the difference?  The most common signs that your dog has a cruciate ligament injury are the inability to walk or […]