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Female Dogs in Heat: What You Need to Know

Not all dog owners are familiar with the female dog heat cycle and what it means. This is understandable, as it can be a confusing topic.  It’s important for all Australian pet owners to recognize the signs that their female dog is in heat so they can make informed decisions about breeding their pets responsibly. […]

Desexing for Male Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Desexing is a common surgery done on the vast majority of dogs and is recommended by almost all vets. When you bring your puppy to see a vet for the first time, they’ll likely want to discuss getting your dog desexed. But what are the effects of desexing? Is it worth putting your puppy through […]

Desexing for Female Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Vets and pet owners will tell you that one of the top medical priorities for a puppy is making sure they’re desexed on schedule.  While the procedure is incredibly common, surgery on such a small animal can often be concerning for first time pet owners. So what do you need to know about desexing a […]