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Paws and More


At Paws and More, we’re more than just passionate pet people. Get to know the friendly faces at Paws and More here.

Ashleigh is one of our hardworking, dedicated veterinary nurses here at Paws & More. Finishing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the end of 2020, she has quickly proved how capable she is in the clinic and how bright her long animal care and vet work career will be.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashleigh at Paws & More since 2021. In that time, she has become one of the most reliable vet nurses we’ve worked with. She handles even highly stressful jobs with ease and is noticeably loved by our clients who walk, flap or scurry through our doors.

Ashleigh’s love for animals extends beyond the workplace, and she has been a longtime lover of animals in her own home. She lives with two cats who are lucky to have someone as talented and caring as Ashleigh in their lives.

Nurse Ashleigh at Paws & More Vet Centre