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Paws and More


At Paws and More, we’re more than just passionate pet people. Get to know the friendly faces at Paws and More here.

Dr. Lena is one of our talented vets here at Paws & More and runs our puppy preschool program. She chose to continue her veterinary career with us in 2021

Dr. Lena is a highly decorated and skilled member of the Paws & More team. After graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Murdoch University she has also completed her Fear Free Level Two and Low Stress Handling Silver Certificate.

She is also a recipient of the Australian Veterinary Association Student Award and an ongoing member of several animal behavioural and health organisations, including:

  • Australian Veterinary Association
  • Animal Behaviourists group
  • Australian Small Animal veterinarians Group
  • Fear Free Member

One factor that makes her such a valuable member of the team and an excellent vet is her interest in pet behaviour. Her continued work with animal behaviour actively creates new insights and opportunities to improve how we work with our clients in the clinic.

Veterinarian Lena Pulbrook from Paws & More Vet Centre