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Paws and More


At Paws and More, we’re more than just passionate pet people. Get to know the friendly faces at Paws and More here.

Tahnee graduated Vet Nursing in 2006 and started working at Paws and More Vet in February 2023.
Animals have always been Tahnees joy in life and working with animals has always been her passion. 
As well as vet nursing, Tahnee has also worked as an animal attendant in many other places and has fostered, hand raised, rescued and rehomed countless numbers of cats, dogs and birds. 
Helping and saving animals is what she does best. 
Tahnee is most proud of the animal friendships she has made and all the lives that have crossed her path that she has been able to help. 
Tahnee is dog obsessed and has 4 very loved doggies who are her happiness of everyday, named Jonah, Gabriel, Sarai and Noa.
Tahnee also shares her home with 3 cats named Hugo, Ditz and Alan and a cheeky lorikeet called Tiny Trev. 
When not at the clinic Tahnee enjoys nature adventures with her dogs, spending time in her garden or with her family.