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Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinating your cat is the only way to protect them against certain diseases that are highly contagious and can be fatal.

As your veterinarian, in partnership with you, we will choose the most appropriate vaccination for your cat. If your cat has access to the outdoors, they need additional vaccinations to protect against FeLV (feline leukaemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus, which leads to feline AIDS).

Kitten vaccinations
Kittens are temporarily protected against many diseases by antibodies received through their mother’s milk. These maternal antibodies decline in the first couple of months of their lives. However, until they drop sufficiently, they can also neutralise vaccines. This is why a series of vaccinations are necessary kittens.

Adult cat vaccinations
The immunity from kitten vaccinations weakens over time and your pet can again become susceptible to disease. Annual health checks and booster vaccinations will provide the best protection for the life of your pet.

After vaccination care
Following vaccination your cat may be off-colour for a day or two, or have some slight swelling or tenderness at the injection site. Access to food and water and a comfortable area to rest are usually all that is required for a quick recovery. However, if the response seems more severe, you should contact us for advice.

Are Annual Vaccinations Important?

Annual vaccinations are strongly recommended to keep antibody levels high throughout your pets life. Missing a year can open up a window of susceptibility to these diseases. We will send you annual vaccination reminders. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and making an appointment. This will also include an annual health care check.

All reputable boarding establishments require your pet to have up-to-date vaccinations before accepting them, so consider this before boarding your pet.

We use MSD(TM) vaccines which meet the highest quality standards for safety and effectiveness. We have a special medical-grade fridge that maintains the vaccines at the optimal purity. Storing vaccines in a regular fridge can reduce the effectiveness and interfere with the safety of the vaccination.

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