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Dog Oral & Dentistry Care

Dog Dentistry is a rapidly growing area of vet science. We have seen a greater awareness over the last 25 years of its importance to the overall health of dogs we treat.

Just like humans, dogs’ teeth need looking after, too! The health of their teeth and gums has a significant impact on their overall quality of life. Imagine how your mouth would feel, and smell, if you never brushed your teeth. Imagine having a really bad toothache and not being able to tell anyone about it!

Dental disease begins with a build up of bacteria in your pet’s mouth. Bacteria, combined with saliva and food debris, can cause plaque to accumulate on the tooth. As calcium salts are deposited, plaque turns to tartar (brown or yellow material starting near the gum line of the tooth).

Without proper preventive or therapeutic care, plaque and tartar build-up leads to periodontal disease, which affects the tissues and structures supporting the teeth. Periodontal disease can cause oral pain, tooth loss and even heart or kidney problems.

Does Your Dog Suffer From Bad Breath?

Tooth decay is a leading cause of ’halitosis’ or bad breath in pets. The same reasons people get bad breath apply to pets – periodontal pockets, gingivitis, root exposure and gum infections all affect dogs and cats. Even if your pets crowns (the exposed part of the tooth) are clean, there could be disease lurking below the gum line. Some professional pet dentistry and basic care can help.

Yearly Dental Checkup

The team at Paws and More give your pet a thorough dental exam at your animal’s wellness care visit. In addition to examining your pet’s teeth and gums, we provide professional cleaning and polishing if need be, usually accomplished under anesthesia. Your pet is closely monitored during the entire procedure and we provide you with instructions for home care and follow-up.

Its never too late to book in a dental checkup for your dog.

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