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Paws and More

Pet Health & Wellness Checks

There’s more to vet care than treating your pet when they’re sick. We help your furry friend get the most out of life with our pet health and wellness services. Paws and More can help with dog and cat dental health, check-ups and annual vaccinations.

Pet Vaccinations

Here at Paws and More Vet Centre, we want to see every pet happy, healthy and thriving in life. And as pet owners, we know you want the same! This is why pet vaccinations are so important. These vaccinations are the best way to prevent severe and life-threatening diseases in your pet cats and dogs.

Veterinary Dental & Oral Health

Just like humans, our pets need a regular visit to the dentist! Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important in cats and dogs and have a huge impact on their overall health. So to keep your pets smiling, bring them in to see our team at Paws and More for their veterinary dental work.

Vet Check-up & Health Care

At Paws and More Vet Centre, we believe your pets deserve the best care possible. As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, we understand how distressing it can be when our pets are in poor health. That is why our team provides comprehensive and reliable vet checkups and health care options for cats and dogs.

Pet Grooming

If you are looking for the best pet grooming in Perth, the team at Paws and More has you covered. At Paws and More Vet Centre we know that grooming is more than just making your pet look good – it’s about making sure they feel good too!

Puppy Preschool Perth

Has it come time to train your pup? Once your puppy reaches eight weeks old, they can start attending puppy training. If you are looking for a reputable puppy preschool in Perth, the Paws and More Canning Vale vets is the place to go.

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