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Pet Health & Wellness Checks

There’s more to vet care than treating your pet when they’re sick. We help your furry friend get the most out of life with our pet health and wellness services. Paws and More can help with dog and cat dental health, check-ups and annual vaccinations.

Pet Health & Wellness Services

Help your dog or cat get the most out of life with our pet health and wellness services. Paws and More can help with pet dental health, check-ups and annual vaccinations.

Pet Vaccinations

Here at Paws and More Vet Centre, we want to see every pet happy, healthy and thriving in life. And as pet owners, we know you want the same! This is why pet vaccinations are so important. These vaccinations are the best way to prevent severe and life-threatening diseases in your pet cats and dogs.

Pet vaccinations work very similarly to the way our own vaccinations work. They exist to stop our pets from getting sick and increase their immunity from common infectious diseases. The vaccinations will contain a similar agent that causes the specific disease to allow our pet’s bodies to recognise it as a threat and prepare their immune system to fight it off.

At our Perth vet hospital, we offer both cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations. You should do your best to ensure your pets are vaccinated yearly to give them the best chance of staying happy and healthy. When you visit the experienced team at Paws and More Vet Centre, we will provide our recommended vaccination program for your pet. Their annual boosters can then be administered at their yearly checkups.

At Paws and More, our team is passionate about providing the best service to your pets. That is why we strongly encourage yearly vaccinations – it’s one of the best choices you can make for your pet’s wellbeing. But if you haven’t had your dog or cat vaccinated yet, there’s no time like the present to get them up to date!

If you have any questions about your pet’s vaccinations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly staff at our Canning Vale vet clinic.

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Veterinary Dental & Oral Health

Just like humans, our pets need a regular visit to the dentist! Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important in cats and dogs and have a huge impact on their overall health. So to keep your pets smiling, bring them in to see our team at Paws and More for their veterinary dental work.

First things first, your pets should be getting an annual dental check-up. You know how we receive an annual letter from the dentist reminding us to book in for our yearly check-up? Well, the same goes for our pets. If your pets are visiting us just once a year for a dental exam, they are more likely to avoid serious oral diseases.

If your pet is not getting a yearly dental check-up, then unfortunately oral diseases can develop. When bacteria increases in your pet’s mouth and gums, this can be very painful. Severe dental disease can also affect the overall health of your beloved pet. To avoid this, and keep your pets healthy, Paws and More Vet Centre can provide proper preventative and veterinary dental care.

At our Perth clinic, our team offers:

  • Cat & dog dental exams
  • Cat & dog teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Cat & dog gum disease treatment

During your pet’s visit to Paws and More, our team will perform a thorough dental exam. In addition to examining your pet’s teeth and gums, we offer professional cleaning and polishing if necessary, which is usually done under anaesthesia. Throughout the procedure, your pet is closely monitored, and we will provide you with instructions for home care and follow-ups.

Contact the Paws and More team in Canning Vale today to book your furry friends in for their oral check-up and ask more about our veterinary dental services.



Vet Check-up & Health Care

At Paws and More Vet Centre, we believe your pets deserve the best care possible. As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, we understand how distressing it can be when our pets are in poor health. That is why our team provides comprehensive and reliable vet checkups and health care options for cats and dogs.

When you visit Paws and More for your pet’s health check-up, you can guarantee a thorough service. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to ensure you and your pet are as comfortable as possible. Paws and More vets take a gentle and caring approach to every pet, so you will both feel at ease during any consultation and treatment.

During every health consultation, our educated team of vets and nurses will always keep you well-informed. We will provide you and your family with the appropriate education, advice and services to make sure your pets remain happy and healthy. We’re fully committed to helping our clients and their beloved pets, so providing genuine advice is our number one priority.

Paws and More healthcare can cover health services from kitten and puppy vet check-ups, all the way up to senior cat and dog health.

It is important to keep an extra eye on your pets when they reach their golden years. This is when a cat turns twelve or a dog turns seven and enters its senior years. At this age, your pet is more likely to face health issues such as arthritis, cancers, or other degenerative diseases. To keep your pet in their best health during this time, it is ideal to bring them in for an annual senior health care check.

Vet check-up costs can vary, so give our team a call today to inquire about our prices. The team at Paws and More is always ready to help you and your pet.

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Pet Grooming

If you are looking for the best pet grooming in Perth, the team at Paws and More has you covered. At Paws and More Vet Centre we know that grooming is more than just making your pet look good – it’s about making sure they feel good too!

When your dog is groomed regularly, they feel happier and healthier. Regular grooming also ensures your dog avoids matting, overgrown nails, double coating, fleas, ticks, and more. A clean and freshly groomed dog is always more comfortable, which is what every pet owner wants.

Our professional dog groomers at Paws and More in Canning Vale offer both dog washing and dog grooming services. Our dog cleaning services involve shampooing, conditioning and hair drying. We use soap-free and hypoallergenic products on all our dogs and even source certain medicated shampoos for dogs with specific skin problems.

We also provide some of the best professional dog grooming in Perth. Our regular grooming services at Paws and More include hair clipping, combing, trimming (face, feet, tail, and bottom where needed), nail clipping, ear trimming and anal gland cleaning.

Paws and More also offer competitive dog grooming prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Our dog grooming prices start at just $70 for a full wash, blow-dry, clip, nail trim and ear clean for small dogs, and up to $100 for a large dog. We recommend booking professional grooming for your dog every six to eight weeks.

When it comes to your pet cat, most like to take good care of their hygiene. However, some cats are better groomers than others, so from time to time your pet feline may need help removing dead hair and preventing matting.

Your cat may also benefit from a trim and groom, especially as they get older and may not clean themselves as well. Cat grooming can include removing matts and sanitary clipping for long-haired cats, and sedation is an option to avoid any discomfort in the process.

If your cat’s coat needs some extra attention, be sure to bring your cat into our Canning Vale vet clinic for a check-up and groom.

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Puppy Preschool Perth

Has it come time to train your pup? Once your puppy reaches eight weeks old, they can start attending puppy training. If you are looking for a reputable puppy preschool in Perth, the Paws and More Canning Vale vets is the place to go.

Training courses and puppy school classes are your opportunity to give your dog the best start in life! At Paws and More Vet Centre, our Perth puppy preschool program offers you the ability to socialise your puppy, while also learning important behaviours and commands.

For your cherished pet to get the most out of life, they need strong socialisation skills. If your puppy is comfortable socialising with other dogs and can adapt to new surroundings, they are going to grow into a well-behaved and confident dog.

At our Perth puppy preschool program, you and your dog will learn about:

  • Basic obedience and training, including leash walking, sit, stay, come, and drop
  • Nutritional education to help your pup grow and thrive
  • An abundance of toys and games to keep them happy and reduce stress
  • Vet-recommended toilet training strategies
  • Proactive dental care for your dog

Our fully qualified dog trainer will teach these skills over the course of five weeks. This fantastic puppy training course costs just $110 for the entire five weeks.

To learn more about our puppy training classes in Perth, contact the Paws and More team. Please call us to find out when our next puppy preschool program is running.