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Puppy Preschool Perth

When you welcome a new puppy into your family, you will want to give them the best start in life. In order to do this, it is very important to take care of their health and behavioural needs.

Puppy Preschool Perth

When you welcome a new puppy into your family, you will want to give them the best start in life. In order to do this, it is very important to take care of their health and behavioural needs.

Puppy Training Classes in Perth & Canning Vale

When you welcome a new puppy into your family, you will want to give them the best start in life. In order to do this, it is very important to take care of their health and behavioural needs.

Before taking your new pup out and about, they will require a course of vaccinations to ensure they are protected against common diseases. This means they will not be allowed to explore with you until around 16 weeks of age.

This creates a problem because puppies are most receptive to new experiences in their ‘socialisation period’, between 3 to 17 weeks of age.

This problem is why puppy pre-schools were invented: to allow owners to begin socialising puppies and get them used to new experiences during their socialisation period.



Puppy School at Paws and More Vet Centre

So you have brought your new puppy home, they’ve received their second vaccination, and now you are ready for puppy pre-school! 

As dogs are very sociable, it’s important that they learn good behaviour at an age when they are young enough to retain it. Our puppy preschool classes are designed with puppies in mind. We aim to help them learn through fun and playful classes and exercises. 

What sets Paws and More apart from other schools?

  • We have a Qualified Veterinary Nurse teaching our classes with a special interest in behaviour, so not only can you ask general training and behaviour questions, but health-related concerns can be raised as well!
  • We teach our classes in the clinic, so your pup will become familiar with coming to the clinic. What does this mean? It means that future vet visits will be easier for you and your pup because a positive association has been made.
  • We take the time with each owner and puppy, ensuring classes are tailored to the individual and their needs. 

Our classes are run over 5 weeks throughout the year, so please call the clinic on (08) 9455 1310  to find out when our next program is planned and secure your spot.

The team here at Paws and More Vet Centre is dedicated to helping your four-legged friend develop positive social and behavioural skills. Our puppy school classes are run by a behavioural trained veterinary nurse, giving your puppy the best head start in life. 

To learn more about our puppy training classes in Perth, contact the Paws and More team today.

Why is Puppy Preschool Important?

Puppy pre-school allows puppies to socialise and learn during their crucial socialisation phase in a way that does not impact their health (i.e. in a sanitised environment, given they will not have received all their vaccinations).

It is also vital to teach owners about dog behaviour and allow them to recognise signs that their puppy is uncomfortable or not dealing well with a situation. Puppy pre-school at Paws and More Vet Centre will give owners the tools to train their puppy and to advocate for their needs when meeting other dogs/people.

It is important to remember that not all dogs are dog-social. This is a completely normal event, just as not all people are overly social. Our team is a big advocate for ensuring that your puppy is happy, healthy and confident in whatever way suits them. The best way to build confidence in your pup is for them to understand that their owner is a good decision-maker and can keep them safe.

If you’re looking for a puppy school in Perth’s southern suburbs, why not join our upcoming session here at Paws and More Vet Centre?



What Does Paws and More’s Puppy Preschool Include?

At our Perth puppy preschool program, you and your dog will learn:

  • Basic obedience and training, including leash walking, sit, stay, come, and drop
  • Nutritional education to help your pup grow and thrive
  • An abundance of toys and games to keep them happy and reduce stress
  • Vet-recommended toilet training strategies
  • Proactive dental care for your dog

Our Qualified Team will teach these skills over the course of five weeks. You can learn more about common puppy preschool FAQs below. 

To find out when our next puppy preschool course starts, give our friendly staff a call.

About Our Puppy Trainer

We are thrilled to have Qualified Veterinary Nurse Shawn as our dedicated puppy trainer! 

Shawn graduated Vet nursing in Townsville, North Queensland where he worked in a mixed practice/emergency Hospital.  

Shawn moved to Western Australia after gaining a position in a study program at Perth Zoo and has taken part in an animal relocation and anti poaching program in Africa. 

We have had glowing feedback from humans and dogs alike at Shawn’s puppy preschool classes.  He is highly adept at connecting with dogs of all ages and is able to help them learn fundamental behaviour through a range of fun and safe classes.

Time to Book an Appointment for Your Furry Friend?

Don’t wait - the Paws and More team would love to see your pet. Contact us to book now!

Puppy Preschool & Kindy FAQs

The best time for puppy preschool is before the socialisation period ends, before 17 weeks of age. In order to make the classes safe for your puppy, they should have received their second vaccination. This is so that they have protection against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis (given in the first and second vaccination) AND canine cough (given in the second vaccination).

Yes, even if there are other dogs in your house, it’s still important for them to attend puppy preschool! If there are other puppies in their litter or older dogs in the home, your puppy will be familiar with them. Part of puppy training is introducing them to new experiences and environments, which is why puppy preschool is so important for socialisation.

Puppy preschool is also about educating you as the pet owner in effective ways to train and manage your puppy’s behaviour long-term.

No, you should never send your puppy or dog away for training. A lot of advertised dog ‘boot camps’ that promise a ‘quick fix’ for a problem behaviour are actually using punishment methods that can actually worsen the situation quite considerably.

In addition to this, sending the dog away for training means that you, as the owner, are not learning new techniques for managing unwanted behaviours. As such, the improvement (if any) seen after a boot camp will usually be short-lived.

Training with your puppy/dog is a great way to enrich their life and build on the pet-owner bond. As such it is far more effective (and enjoyable) if you are present for the training!

In-person puppy training is almost always better than online classes, and online courses should only be used to complement in-person sessions, not replace them. Online puppy training classes miss out on the social interaction for dogs that in-person classes provide. This social interaction is a significant component of what makes these classes so effective.

In-person classes are also more effective than online classes. When a puppy can see specific behaviour rewarded, it helps them understand and replicate that behaviour. In-person courses also allow you to ask questions and talk to the trainer, which isn’t always possible with online sessions.

Requirements prior to attending puppy preschool include your puppy having received their second vaccination and being up to date with their worm and flea treatment.

In addition to this, it is a good idea to withhold food for a few hours before puppy class. This is because your dog will get lots of treats during the classes, ensuring they are hungry and ready to work hard to earn more.

Paws and More Puppy Preschool FAQs

The Paws and More puppy preschool program is held in the reception of our vet centre. You can find us in Canning Vale in Perth’s southern suburbs. Hosting classes in our reception helps to build and reinforce a positive association between your puppy and visiting the vet.

The added benefit of hosting our classes on-site is that it provides us with all the amenities and resources of the vet clinic, including a range of tasty treats for well-behaved puppies!

Our puppy school program runs across four weeks, with four weekly sessions that are roughly 1.5 hours long. Running our puppy preschool program across four weeks allows us to teach your puppy essential positive behaviour during their socialisation period without overloading them with too much information.

Yes, we ask that puppies attending puppy preschool have had their second round of vaccinations to help prevent illness and avoid the spread of diseases like parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and canine cough.

Please keep in mind that our classes are held in the reception of our vet clinic. While this helps promote a positive association with vets for your puppy, it can pose health risks for unvaccinated puppies and puppies in our regular care.

Puppies of all ages can attend and benefit from our puppy preschool program. We cover a range of skills that all dogs and their owners can benefit from! However, puppies that are still in their socialisation period, younger than 17 weeks old, benefit the most from our classes.

While there are no age requirements for puppy preschool, all puppies in attendance require their second round of vaccinations.

At Paws and More Vet Centre, we are happy to accept older puppies (unlike a lot of other places) with the understanding that although they will definitely still benefit (and owners will hopefully learn a lot!) they may not respond as well as a puppy within that crucial socialisation phase.

If your puppy is too old or advanced for puppy preschool, Dogs West in Southern River runs a regular obedience course that we highly recommend! Of course, obedience classes aren’t just for old or advanced puppies; we recommend all our puppy preschool graduates attend obedience training.

Remember that our sessions are just preschool, and just like kids move from preschool to school, your puppy should build on the foundation of puppy preschool by attending regular obedience training classes.

Because each session contains a lot of vital information required for proper puppy training, we highly recommend attending all sessions of our puppy preschool program. We find that puppies that attend all four sessions of the program have significantly better results than those who don’t.

You only need to bring a handful of things to our puppy preschool classes, including:

  • A lead or harness to attach to your puppy’s collar. For the safety of all puppies in the class, leads must be short, and the collar or harness must fit your puppy securely. Any type of collar or harness is fine, as long as it isn’t a choker chain 
  • Fresh water and the water bowl your puppy uses at home 
  • Small, tasty treats to reward your puppy for good behaviour, such as lamb liver, cooked chicken and ZiwiPeak (a treat pouch can help you avoid fiddling with packages during sessions). 
  • Toys that your pet likes. Toys are a great way to reward your puppy for good behaviour and to keep them happy and distracted during question and answer sessions. 
  • A variety of questions for our professional puppy trainer. Bringing questions specific to your puppy and puppy training in general will help all puppy owners in the class learn during the dedicated question and answer time. 
  • And, of course, your puppy!
We ask that you bring no more than two people to our puppy preschool classes, as we have limited space and don’t want to overwhelm puppies who are still learning to be social. Because we cover a lot of important information during these classes, we ask that kids be left at home to provide an effective learning environment for other puppy owners. And as much as we love seeing our past preschool graduates, we ask that you only bring your new puppy ready for class.

Puppy preschools will ask you not to attend if your puppy is sick to avoid spreading infections or deadly diseases. We ask that if your puppy is sick, you book a consultation with one of our lovely veterinarians rather than attending class.

Attending class with a sick puppy may cause illness for other pups and, as such, is inadvisable. If your puppy is unwell, it will also cause a less pleasurable experience for them, resulting in a negative association between the vet clinic and other dogs due to illness/pain.